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Survival at World Rangers Day

Survival Training at Wordl Rangers Day

We felt very complimented to be asked by Sanparks to join their celebration of World Rangers Day by giving a survival demo to the hard working rangers. We started with a slideshow introducing the 4 survival priorities before moving on to some practical techniques for creating a quick and easy survival shelter and tips and …

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An introduction to food in the wild

Survival Training

What will you resort to eating in a survival situation? That question definitely springs to mind when you hear about the Uruguayan Rugby Team who, after a plane crash in 1972 left them stranded in the Andes, resorted to cannibalism to stay alive. I recommend watching the documentary “Stranded” for a personal account or the …

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An introduction to Water.

Water Survival Training

Well it has been awhile since our last post – we have been super busy with instructors off to get married and honeymoon, others in the process of changing jobs (in different countries) or visiting families overseas. The good news is that we are now getting back on track and planning more courses. Speaking of which, …

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An introduction to Fire.

Niel demonstrates methods of starting fires.

Christmas and New Year have come and gone and, once again, a busy year ahead no doubt awaits us all.  Some of you will have hiking expeditions planned, others may be travelling to far flung destinations in pursuit of the unknown.  Athletes will be running long trails over mountains, unsupported by comfortable aid stations conveniently …

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Reviews from our students!

Magnetic South and Sanparks Course

It’s been an exciting few months for Survival Training South Africa.  Is it my imagination or is everyone just getting busier and busier?  It seems that wherever you go or whatever your interests are in life, there’s just not much chance to just sit back, relax and reflect; everyone is just too busy, including us!  …

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Basic Survival Training Course Feedback

Basic Survival Training

Well, it’s been a fairly benign winter thus far, in the Southern Cape at least.  On our recent Basic Survival Course we were fortunate enough to have cool but perfectly dry weather throughout, ideal for training purposes.  In an attempt to spare you from my further ramblings, for this month at least, I’ve decided to …

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